Wonderful Wild River Weekend

I didn't know what to expect going while heading to Wild River Campground--We were going to be staying in a yurt with people unfamiliar to me and I was getting in late. As I arrived at the camp site , people were gathered around a fire. Immediately they engaged with laughter, fun and acceptance. Our group was diverse and interesting. I would not have immediately put us together--we were a blend of younger through middle aged people. Yet, we all had a wonderful time. Even though the first night was cold, by the second night we learned what we needed and were all toasty and cozy. Each person brought a unique and wonderful element to the group and I left feeling greatly enriched
and thankful for such a great experience and such wonderful people.

I highly recommend going on a trip with Wild Hearts no matter what place you might be in emotionally, spiritually or otherwise. You will walk away having had an adventure that you will cherish and that just might change your life.

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